Amia Froese, CCIM, CPM President / Designated Broker

Amia Froese, CCIM, CPM President / Designated Broker

Amia is the Owner, President and Designated Broker of Saratoga Commercial Real Estate.  She has been directly involved in the growth and organization of the company, helping to maintain and bolster the company’s three core offerings: brokerage, management and consulting.  During her tenure, Saratoga has tripled their property portfolio, now managing over one million square feet of commercial real estate.  Amia joined Saratoga in 2006 and holds both the respected CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation as well as CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation.  She has excelled in leadership due to her creativity, empathy, attention to detail and resiliency (especially during the unique challenges COVID has presented).

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Amia grew up in Bellingham, met her Canadian husband in New Zealand, has three children, two dogs, one cat and three chickens.  When not at work, you can find her engaged with her family and trying to spend as much time outdoors in this beautiful PNW community.

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