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Creativity in An Evolving Leasing Market

Published by Amia Froese February 3, 2021 For the first time since the recession, we have begun to see a shift from a Landlord’s market to a Tenant’s market due to increased market volatility, COVID-19 impacts and a rising surge of general uncertainty. This means that while many Landlords have previously been able to stand…

2020 Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Published by Hannah Cano January 4, 2021 Since last March, the effect and magnitude of the global pandemic has effected more change than most of us have experienced in our lifetimes, with more—and as yet unknown—effects still to come. It’s no surprise that the pandemic greatly reshaped, and will continue to reshape commercial real estate….

Facilities – Keep your Ship in Shape

Published by David Buckner December 3, 2020 When it comes to your facilities, whether your business is retail, restaurant, office services or fitness, first impressions are everything. People entering your space for the first time, often don’t know anything about you. They don’t know you are one of the best businesses in the industry that…