While there has been tremendous effort by the Downtown Bellingham Partnership as well as the City of Bellingham through programs and initiatives like the safety ambassadors, graffiti abatement, and security patrols, downtown safety continues to be an ongoing concern for our community. Downtown Bellingham is still experiencing vandalism, theft, public disturbances, human waste, and destroyed property. The good news is that these programs have made an impact to abate some of these activities, but unfortunately many of these programs only have funding through 2023. With over thirteen hundred organizations, property owners, unions and individuals signing in support of these initiatives and requesting attention and solutions to public safety, it is clear that our community wants downtown to feel accessible and safe for everyone. We want businesses to thrive downtown and for this area to continue to be a draw. It is vitally important that we continue to talk about these ongoing issues and that we show our continued support for organizations like Downtown Bellingham Partnership and the Chamber of Commerce, who are advocating and offering solutions through these important programs. If you are in support of improving Downtown Bellingham public safety, please consider signing the Community Sign On Letter For Public Safety Solutions.

Downtown Community Safety Campaign — Downtown Bellingham