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What is a Tenant Representative Broker and Why You Need One

Published by Ken Reinschmidt, November 4, 2020 A Tenant Representative Broker exclusively represents the needs and interests of a tenant when negotiating a lease. This is important as most landlords have their own broker representatives, who represent the needs and interests of the landlord.…

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Saratoga’s Recent Insight

Ken Reinschmidt recently wrote a summary of the Whatcom County industrial space market for one of his clients, you might find it interesting:  Our small market saw great vacancy and depressed rent during the recession, 2008 through 2016. Since our…

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Why we are CCIMs

WHAT IS A CCIM? When you need advice on your taxes and accounting, you use a CPA. When you need help with financial planning for investments and retirement, you use a CFP. When you need expertise in commercial investment real…

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