Over the past few months, Western Washington has experienced unprecedented weather anomalies. During November, Whatcom County had record rainfall and atmospheric rivers throughout the region. Damage is estimated to be $50 million countywide[1]. With so many homes and businesses being affected, water extraction vendors and contractors quickly became overwhelmed in the ensuing days and even weeks. Long waiting lists developed for water remediation vendors. Then in January, with unusually low temperatures and strong winds, instances of burst pipes occurred throughout the County. In the aftermath, plumbers were in short supply.

In both extraordinary events, it was critical that property owners and property managers respond immediately and engage vendors to mitigate damage. Because Saratoga offers our managed properties clients 24-hour on-call service and does not use a third-party answering provider, we were able to respond quickly and line up quality vendors the same or next day.

[1] https://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/local/article256198072.html